20 Garden tips September

Poppy seed pods

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
 And autumns best of cheer.” – Helen Hunt Jackson –

Garden tips September collect seed pods (poppy seed pods)


September days are getting shorter, you can still feel the warmth of summer and evenings are getting colder. In late summer there is a lot going on in your garden. September is the month to start to make your garden winterized. Here are some jobs you can do in the September garden.

September garden tips: plants

  • September is a good time to plant, remove or divide perennials and trees, for the soil is still warm and that encourage root development.
  • Cut dead flowers ot the rose. This ensures a long flowering until the autumn.
  • Fill in bare patches in the border with evergreen plants as ornamental cherry, Holly, Hague conifers and boxwood.
  • Plant springflowering bulbs like daffodils, snowdrops and crocusses.
  • Dig up and store tender bulbs in a cool dark place before the first frost.
  • Stop composting container plants.
  • If it is dry, keep good watering once or twice a week.

September garden tips: lawncare

  • September is also a good month to create a new lawn with seed or turf.
  • Fill up bare spots in the lawn.
  • Airing and scarifying your lawn.
  • Refresh your lawn by overseeding.
  • Keep mowing, but not as much as in summer. The blades

Other jobs to do in September

  • Rake leaves from the lawn. 
  • Span a net over the pound for falling leaves. 
  • Start your compost bin. 
  • Take time for a last time weeding for a better lookof your winter garden.
  • Make the birds happy. Hang on a chain with bird seed.
  • Control your garden on pests and diseases and get rid of them.
  • Remove fallen leaves of the gutter.
  • Collect the seeds of withered plants.