23 October garden tips

october leaves and tree


“My favorite color is October”

october leaves and tree
Credit: widewallpapers.net

October is the month of Indian summer. Nature is full of color. The leaves show their beautiful color pallete and there is that fragile light between the trees and over the water. October nights can be cold already, while at daytime the tempreture is still pleasant.

October garden tips: plants

  • In October you can plant perennials, evergreen shrubs and trees. The soil is still warm so that the roots can develop before winter makes its appearence.
  • Also, you can still plant roses.
  • Throw away the fallen leaves of roses and pick any remaining leaves from the stalk. The leaves of the rose can contain fungal spores of rust and soot star.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs in the garden.
  • You can divide perennials until about mid-October and again planted.
  • Plant Conifers in October otherwise you have to wait till March to April.
  • Sprinkle the grass clippings and fallen leaves between the plants in borders as protection against the winter cold.
  • Bring non hardy container plants inside.
  • October is the month of the Aster. This plant brings color to your lawn and attracts butterflies.
  • Fill containers with winter bloomers as Viola, Erica carnea, Helleborus.
  • Prune walnut trees, birch, maple and chestnut in October. The pruning wounds heal faster and you avoid bleeding from the trees.


October garden tips: lawncare

  • The grass keeps growing, keep mowing. You can set the cutting knife of your lawn mower higher and don’t mow shorter than 2 inch. This will give a nice lawn in winter.
  • Remove the grass clippings right away to avoid a felt layer on the lawn.
  • October is a good time to create a lawn with turf.
  • Keep the lawn free of leaves. This prevent yellow spots on the grass.
  • Sprinkle lime for one last time on the grass.
Other jobs to do in October

  • October is a perfect time to dig out the soil, especially clay soil. Leave the lumps of clay. In winter, the ground will freeze and burst. In this way you can improve the structure of the soil.
  • [li_item icon=””]Remove fallen leaves from the gutter.[/fusion_li_item]
  • Make paths free of leaves.
  • Collect the seeds of withered plants.
  • Clean the bird boxes or hang a new one and fill with bird seeds.
  • Use fallen leaves for the compost heap.
  • Also leave some leaves. These leaves provide shelter for hedgehogs.