How to divide a perennial

In this tutorial you learn how to divide a perennial from the border and a perennial from a pot in new plants. Dividing a perennial is a cheap way to fill the bare spots in the border or to start a new one. Only one clump can give you three or four new plants. That saves money.

Dividing a perennial from the border

Step 1: Choose the perennial you want to devide and dig it up.

deviding a perennial form the border - dig it up

Via Waitrose Garden

Step 2: Use a spade to chop the perennial in several pieces. Make each clump the same size with decent roots.

chop the perennial with a spade

Via Waitrose Garden

Step 3:
After chopping the perennial, you have three clumps. Before planting them in de border, sprinkle some nutrition on the soil. The new plants are much happier then. Setting the plants in a fraction deeper than the original border. You can divide perennials in the fall and in spring.

plant the new clumps after dividing a perennial

Via Waitrose Garden

Dividing a perennial in a pot

Step 1: This Hosta in a pot changes in three new plants. Take the Hosta out of the pot.

a perennial in a pot the HostaThe roots of the Hosta

Via Waitrose Garden

Step 2: Chop carefully with a knife in the roots of the Hosta. Each section must have a good chunk of roots in it. If possible cut one more time.

Dividing a hosta with a knife

Via Waitrose Garden

Step 3: Cutting through the roots won’t harm, it will heal.

Roots of the Hosta

Via Waitrose Garden

Step 4:
The result: three hostas for the price of one.

Three new hostas after dividing

Via Waitrose Garden

Last but not least: give the new plants a splash of water.

Water the new plants

Via Waitrose Garden

Watch the entire video of dividing perennials.

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