Did you get your love gift today?

It’s all a lie……
What do you mean?
That the Gardens of Babylon really existed.
Maybe it is an ancient gossip.
Don’t say that, history tells us it is a love story.
Aahh I like love stories, tell me.

The Hanging GArdens of BabylonA love story

Th Hanging Gardens of Babylon were a romatic gift of king Nebuchadnezzar II for his wif Amytis. This is the story.  Once upon a time there was a king Nebuchadnezzar II, who reigns over the Babylonian empire. He married Amytis of Media. This bond secured an alliance between the Medes and Babylonians. Before her marriage, Amytis grew up in a green region with mountains. Here in the barren, dry and arid region of Babylon, she became homesick en depressive. To cheer on Amytes and to let her get used to the busy Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar came up with a plan. He builded for her a mountain of stone with gardens and on top a pool. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were born.

Where are the Hanging Gardens situated?

 The Babylonian Gardens are one of the 7 World Wonders of the Ancient World. It is the only one whose location has not been definitively established. The gardens were located on the banks of the Euphrates river, about 31 miles south of Baghdad. There is an alternative story that the gardens were built by the Assyrian queen Semiramis.

How the gardens looked

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were made up of terraces surrounded by walls and towers. The walls were full planted with trees, exotic shrubs, ferns, creepers and flowers. They hung as it ware above the banks of the Euphrates, and the beautiful colors when everything flourished, gave the name the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Technical tour

The Babylonians were ahead of their time. For the whole project a lot of water was needed. This region is very dry, so something had to be found to keep the gardens fresh and green. There are several theories how the gardens got their water. It must have been an ingenious irrigation system.

Hardworking slaves

Slaves held an endless chain of buckets in motion. In this way, water was brought to a water tank from the Euphrates. Undergrounds channels led to the water supply.

* Archimedes screw

Another talked about a rotating screw that pushed the water up. The system was similar to the operation of the Archimeds screw, which he invented hundred years later. How clever those Babylonians.

Is it a lie?

The Greek historians, Strabo and Diodorus, described the lush gardens. Beyond these descriptions, there is little concrete evidence of the reality of the gardens. To this day, scientists couldn’t find any evidence on the spot. Not even a a piece of wall of the colossal edifice.

There are no Babylonian sources that wrote about the gardens. However, clay tablets were found, which described such gardens in Nineveh, and also a screw pumping up the water was mentioned. It’s likely that in the course of time the places are swapped.

New evidence

British researcher Stephanie Dalley came up with new evidence of the existence of the gardens. Acoording to het, the gardens were in Nineveh. On the roof of the palace of king Sennacherib of Assyria, trees were planted that grew down the columns. This is consistent with the descriptions of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Dalley based her conclusion on the basis of ancient writings she found on a text of a sculpture of the palace.

She also discoverd the Assyrians called the city of Nineveh, New Babylon. The Greek historians would have visited the area around Nineveh and not the city of Babylon. Her research sheds new light on this story.


Whether the story is true or not, it doesn’t matter. Imagine, your man loves you so much that he does everything to make you happy, no matter what. He gives you a legendary present that people are talking for years. This gift is a token of appreciation and is for me the true spirit of the story of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. So men, buy flowers for your lady; she will appreciate your gesture. And ladies, men also love flowers. Don’t forget, flowers bring a smile on your face. Keep smiling!

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